Brand Strategy, Marketing In New Digital World
EngageNextGen is the Consultancy of Jim Schroer, C-Suite Exec, Board Advisor & Brand Expert who improves/fixes your go-to-market business model, and sets up Sales & Marketing that drives the bottom line. Consumers use Smartphones: "I Search & Ask; U Answer." Responding & Serving Remarkably is replacing Paid Media. "U Sit, Watch, Listen or Read My Ad" is "Old World," as folks are too busy texting & tweeting, and Ad Impressions too oft fail to impress. Discipleship Marketing, facilitated by Online Engagement & Responsiveness, works better. Ask for Jim's: "7 Steps to Brand Profits in Our New Digital World" EngageNextGeneration Thinking & Technology to Build Brand Profits. Please Remember: "Only The Remarkable Works!"

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Email : jim@engagenextgen.com
Phone : 952-905-4474
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Fort Lauderdale
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